McAfee AV Removal

McAfee AV Removal








Good afternoon,

as part of the ‘Secure Endpoint’ program, Global Endpoint solutions is now ready to remove ‘McAfee VirusScan Enterprise’ from all endpoints including Servers and Industrial PC. Regional tech teams supporting McAfee are informed of this change. Below are the details about the project.


Why are we removing McAfee VirusScan Enterprise?

With the completion of Cylance Protect deployment (new SE standard Antivirus/Anti malware platform) to over 150,000 endpoints comprising Workstations, Servers, Industrial PC, RnD machines etc, now is the time to remove legacy McAfee VirusScan. We don’t need two Antivirus tools on systems. By removing McAfee VirusScan, we realize cost benefits, reduced IT administration effort and efficient use of the resource.


What about HIPS, Solidcore and other McAfee tools/services?

Only the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise will be removed. Other McAfee tools HIPS, Solidcore etc will remain as is.


What is the impact to end Users? Server performance?

No end User impact is expected. McAfee tend to use more system resource compared to Cylance. Hence there is no negative impact.


Is there any Action for Users?

  1. Depending on the decision made by Regional Tech and communication teams, users may be notified of the change.


How does the removal happen? Will there be any impact to Network Bandwidth?

McAfee VirusScan removal happens through Automatic routines from ePO. This is taken care by Global Endpoint Solutions team. This will not result in network spike or high usage.


Is this reviewed by Digital Security?



GCAB and Go Live date?

This project was presented in 29th Oct GCAB session. Go live is from 20th Nov. First to go are the Servers.


IT Freeze in December and january.

No change during the IT freeze period.

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