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Hello all,

If you have user calling reporting an issue with the application ThousandEyes, please note that this is NOT SUPPORTED by the Service Desk.

NOTE: If the issue is related to the physical computer itself (and not ThousandEyes application), this follows the normal procedure for computer support. 

What is ThousandEyes?
It’s a monitoring solution (bFO Bridge) deployed on dedicated computers and installed on Key CCC sites. This solution is being deployed, since the actual solution reached its end of life (Sonde Gomez).
The solution purpose it to monitor the infrastructure and measure the application performance by running scripts that simulate a real end-user access to a specific application.

Advise the users to contact the following known key-users for all issues related to ThousandEyes:

Francois BAUDARD ( - DSS
Manu Jaiswal ( - DSS
Abhijith S Mokashi ( - Digital/Connectivity/APM (Application Performance Monitoring) team

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